More than five years ago, I asked Laurie D. Willis if she would write for an online magazine I edited for a major pharmaceutical company. She consented and worked as an independent contractor with me for five years. Laurie is an excellent writer. Her strengths are manifold including reporting, relationship-building, features and hard news and a flair for opening and closing a story. Her stories were accurate and required very little editing. Not only was the quality of her work exemplary, she was also quick in reporting and writing on deadline without sacrificing accuracy. That’s a major strength in this rapid-paced environment. Writing for the Web requires specialized writing skills. Laurie has mastered the style necessary to capture the short attention span of Web readers.  

 -- William Chapman,
Retired, Corporate Communications

When Laurie D. Willis was a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, I had the pleasure of being her editor. Laurie was a journalist whose reporting was accurate and complete and whose copy required little editing. I knew when I assigned Laurie a story she would be steadfast in uncovering the pertinent facts and meeting her deadline. I have kept up with Laurie’s career since she left the daily newspaper world and joined the ranks of freelance journalists. The passion Laurie exhibited as a reporter on the metro, business and National desks for The Baltimore Sun is the same passion she displays today. Commissioning Laurie to write and/or edit would be a sound business decision.

-- Gary Witherspoon
Assistant Metro Editor
The Boston Globe



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